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Oak Glades SDA Church 249-251 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 13, Jamaica


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Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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Meet Our Pastor

<img src="" alt="Image of Pastor Whain Graham"/><br/><font style="font-size:smaller; font-weight:bolder">Pastor Whain Graham</font>

The Air was cool and crisp in the vestry at the Oak Glades SDA Church where I got a chance to have a one to one talk with resident pastor, Whain Graham. Check out the things that have made him into the man he is today.

<img src="" alt="Image of the interview"/><br/><font style="font-size:smaller; font-weight:bolder">Timeisha Williams interviewing Pastor</font>

Timeisha Williams: What was it like growing up?<br/>Whain Graham: I was born in Logwood, St. Thomas. I have 9 siblings, 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I had a balanced childhood and church was an integral part of my life. I was ordained as a pastor 14 years ago and I have a Bachelors Degree majoring in Theology and a minor in Business Administration. I also have a Masters Degree in Pastoral Theology.

TW: What motivates you?<br/>WG: I love a challenge (smiling).  I am inspired by challenges.

TW: Describe yourself in less than 5 words.<br/>WG: Christian preacher, unselfish thinker.

TW: What is one thing that a lot of persons do not know about you?<br/>WG: I am witty and troublesome at times.<br/>He really is.

TW: What is your wife’s favourite colour?<br/>WG: I do not think that she has a favourite colour.<br/>After 18 years of marriage, pastor is still knowledgeable about his wife.

TW: Who/what influenced you to become a pastor?<br/>WG: My father’s influence was very great and Pastor Doughma who baptized me.

TW: Of all the professions in the world, why preaching?<br/>WG: To be frank, I am surprised at my profession. When I was younger, I was reserved. I did not think that I had the attributes for ministry. I think that the ministry chase me.

TW: Apart from preaching what do you like to do?<br/>WG: I love games – football, cricket. I also enjoy fishing and farming.

TW: What do you like about the Oak Glades SDA church?<br/>WG: I like the fellowship and warmth of the brethren. The smallness of the church reminders me of my home church.

TW: What does the present economic crisis says about the last days?<br/>WG: It is a sign that the end is near and things can degenerate quickly. People should take it seriously, for the end will come without warning to many people.

TW: What is your encouragement to the church?<br/>WG: I will encourage the church to be faithful, for the time of the end is near.

<img src="" alt="The ladies in Pastor's life"/><br/><font style="font-size:smaller; font-weight:bolder">The three ladies in Pastor life. from left to right, Deandra Graham (daughter), Noella Graham (daughter) and Marcia Bennett-Graham (wife)</font>


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